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The ONLY Universal Conservatory Method 
That Advances Fingering Skill On
Faster Than Traditional Scales & Etudes !

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"I honestly couldn't believe the initial
improvement, I suddenly realised what
playing was supposed to feel like."

Jade O., from the United Kingdom, Oboe


Does Your Current Finger Technique Allow You
To Deliver Spontaneously Musical Performances ?

Do Your Fingers Seem To Let You Down When
Trying to Deliver Inspired Moments of
Personal Style, Feeling and Expression ?

Are Your Finger Skills At The Same Level
They Were a Year Ago ?

Your Fingers Are The Very Heart of
Playing The Music You Love.  Without Them,
You Would Feel Lost Inside So Why Should You
Settle For Less Than Flawless Technique ?

"I have arthritis in my fingers
and do not want to give up
playing the soprano sax.  
Thanks so much !
You may have saved my life."

Jennifer U., from Roma, Australia



                               Does practicing or playing for hours cause you to become tired ?

                     Is your technique really free from any unnecessary physical stress?

                              Is your technique dependent on daily fluctuations of your 
                                                         physical or mental state of being?

                            Can you always effortlessly produce the sound you wish for, 
                                   assuming you have a proper instrument capable of it  ?  

                               Do you know your relation of tension and relaxation and
                                                                   when to use both? 

                                            Are you aware of right and wrong tension ?

                                         In order to really get to the core of the problem,
                                                it is important to first balance the fingers, 
                                      without working that out on the instrument at first.


Yes, ALL Musicians, Amateur to Professional, 
          Have 3 Critical Areas That Need Improvement !

     1)   Having the rudimentary physical style skills to move
            every finger from the correct knuckle with equal strength and

     2)   Coordinating the fingers on both hands in various combinations and
            rhythmical settings.

     3)   Synchronizing complex rhythm and fingering sequences on your
            instrument accurately at any speed and easily.

Books One and Two teach my  “Three Unique Finger Motion Styles”  that must be employed during the practicing of each exercise to gain full benefit from the method.  

My Three Unique Finger Motion Styles are the key ingredients  to the success of my technique of identifying and correcting finger issues. 

Book Three refines the skills in Book One and Two to a machine-like level of rhythmical accuracy and control by training how to memorize the rhythmical subdivision of time and space.

In order to move up the ladder of finger skill from the basic skill levels in above #1 to possessing the advanced ambidextrous organization of finger skills in above #3, one has to go through a simple, logical process of bringing less dominant fingers to the skill level of the dominant fingers. 

For instance, most everyone’s ring and pinky fingers are less dominant than the index and middle fingers.  Plus, the less dominant fingers have the physical limitation of hand tendons that restrict movement and independence of motion.  But not everyone has identical finger dominance issues. 

Tension can often make a dominant finger perform at a lower skill value, be it finger, hand, arm or shoulder tension.

The Orósz Technique consists of online courses that specifically address each of the three areas of concern listed above so that all the fingers required to play any instrument have equal ability, skill and lightness of touch.

Depending on your fingering skill level, each course will function on a stand alone basis to advance your fingering abilities or ideally can be followed, in sequence for total finger training on both a micro and macro basis.

All of the online courses, or Books, contain a combined total of 619 target specific finger exercises. 

Since Your Technique Is Only As Good As Your Weakest Fingers, Playing Your Music Will Suffer Until You Bring Them Up To Speed !

                                                                          THE PROCESS
When you introduce my unique rhythmical structures into your music and by incorporating the thinking necessary to properly sub-divide musical time and space, you can apply your musical ideas with an accepted framework more easily.

Your raw and inspired musical ideas are funneled in a correct time and space rhythm so that you and your audience can understand and enjoy them.

And isn’t that the whole purpose for performing ? 

To communicate your expressions through music where words can not travel ? 

To bring emotions on a direct line to the hearts of the listeners ?

You CAN bring your finger ability to this level ....and all without your instrument !



PROBLEM  #1 :  Having the rudimentary physical style skills to move            every finger  from the correct knuckle with equal strength and agility.


THE SOLUTION - BOOK ONE - “Purely Fingers"
               1)   Lessons # 1 - 5   Individual Hand Basic Finger Pattern Exercises

                      a)    Focusing on adjacent fingers 
                      b)    Focusing on non-adjacent fingers
                      c)    Mirroring finger patterns between both hands just some of which are below

2)   Lessons # 6 - 11   Alternating Right and Left Hand Fingering Patterns
                      a)    Focusing on adjacent fingers 
                      b)    Focusing on non-adjacent fingers
                      c)    Fingering patterns in same as well as opposite directions

               3)   Lessons # 12 - 15   Simultaneous Right and Left Hand Finger Patterns

                      a)    Each hand performing the same rhythmical patterns
                      b)    Each hand performing different rhythmical patterns
                              changing fingering patterns in the opposite hand

                   Here are two of the sixteen concept exercises from Book One Lesson #14                       

PROBLEM  #2 :   Coordinating the fingers on both hands in various combinations and  rhythmical settings.

THE SOLUTION - BOOK TWO - “Internal Clock”
1)   Lessons # 1 - 6   Individual Hand Complex  Finger Patterns With Basic
                                                           Beat Emphasis

                        a)    Fingering patterns with shifting beat
                        b)    Fingering patterns with off beat accents
                        c)    Alternating accents and sub-division values

                2)   Lessons # 7 - 13   Fingering Patterns in Multiple Time Signatures
                        a)    Repetitive fingering patterns across multiple time signatures
                        b)    Complex fingering patterns in alternating hands
                        c)    Combining adjacent and non-adjacent fingering patterns

                 3)  Lessons # 14 - 15   Achieving Equal Finger Dominance

                        a)    Graduating to the single most important Finger Motion Style
                        b)    Focusing emphasis on beat shifting
                        c)    Each hand performing in different time signatures

      Here are two of the sixteen concept exercises from Book Two Lesson #16


PROBLEM  #3 :   Synchronizing complex rhythm and fingering sequences on your instrument  accurately at any speed and easily.

THE SOLUTION - BOOK THREE - “Ultimate Rhythm”
                 1)  Lessons # 1 - 7   How to Perfect the Basics of Complex Rhythms
                         a)    Simple sub-division
                         b)    Dotted and double dotted rhythms
                         c)    2 against 3 rhythm fingering patterns 
                         d)    3 against 4 rhythm fingering patterns 
                         e)    2 against 3 and 3 against 4 rhythms simultaneously

                  2)  Lessons # 8 - 10   How to Think on Multiple Rhythm Levels Simultaneously
                         a)    Off beat layered fingering patterns
                         b)    Dotted note value layered finger patterns
                         c)    Layering in syncopations

                  3)  Lessons # 11 - 13   Learning Musical Pulse Through Beat Shifting and
                                                                 Cadence Repetition

                   a)    How to measure and memorize musical time
                          b)    How to measure and memorize musical space
                          c)    How to maintain steady pulse and sub-divisions

                   4)  Lessons # 14 - 17    How to Perform Alternating and Complex Beat

                          a)    Performing beats subdivided into even groupings of 2, 4 and 8
                          b)    Performing beats sub-divided into odd groupings of 3, 6, 9, and 15
                          c)    Performing beat groupings that are not divisible - 5, 7, 11, 13, and 17

Here are two of the eleven concept exercises from Book Three Lesson #3          


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