Universal Secrets To Playing Fast and... Musically !
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The "MagicMusicianFingers-Orósz Technique"  
Professional Method is for All Musicians
Regardless of The Instrument or Style of Music You Play !


"The good news is that - after only two or three days of practice I am feeling a "pop", a control, an authority to my finger movements
as a result of the exercises.  As a result, scales and arpeggios are already smoother, and flow better.

The exercises are doing a good job of training the fingers to stay where they belong, but I have many years of poor habits to retrain.  

It's really fun to work on this - and see immediate improvement!:)

If I had been taught correctly as a youth, there's no telling how well I might play.  I was a very hard-working student. It would have been just as easy to learn these fundamentals from the beginning! - What a difference!"

Thank you for your guidance.

Robert G., Tenor Saxophonist from San Francisco

"After receiving your first book, I must say that this is nothing short of amazing!!
As far as support goes, you have covered all aspects amazingly well.
The more I use your lessons, the more I am convinced that anyone who does not take advantage of this incredible set of lessons needs to wake up.

I think we all get stuck in a paradigm  of "rules" (that we have been told through the years) that will work if you just stick to it. And then you come along, and we get a different view.

I have over 250 college credits, and I would have NEVER thought of practicing WITHOUT the instrument. I continue to be impressed by your expertise, and how well you cover each element.
Thanks for "staying-on-top-of-it". It is greatly appreciated.
Nice going on your work!!    

I'll see you on TIME mag next!!"
Donald  ( Dr T. ) , from Pine Grove, California

"Hello Jules, today I started the first exercises of the first lesson. I am shocked  how little independent finger movement I possess, even after 6 years of flute study at the Victoria Conservatory.

You are absolutely correct that independent finger training is at the root of good  technique and that the standard musical training doesn't teach that. 

However for older, mature students like myself, starting at age 60 neural pathways do not develop that rapidly and we get stuck along the way with clumsy technique.

I think your course is the answer."


Eric E. from British Columbia, Flutist


"I have finally found what I had always been looking for, the real way to improve my playing ability. Your finger exercises are a perfect compliment and fit me like a glove. Since I do not have a lot of practise time, at least now I have a way to improve my finger control at intervals available. I really see this as an opportunity for me to reach my destiny within my lifetime. Believe me, a year ago, it was just a dream to play great, now I see it as a real possibility, even with my limited practice time."

Sincerely, Paul C., from Manitoba Canada


"I can't believe after just one day of going through the exercises, my fingers were already starting to do what I wanted them to do"

Patty W. Bangor Maine, Oboe

"I was skeptical at first but I have to say,

George S. from Boulder Colorado, Pianist

"Just when you are about to give up on your technique,you come across something like this.  So many years I struggled with speed and the solution was not playing scales over and over.  Why isn't this program in ALL the Music Schools ?"

Edward T., Boston MA, Flute

"Thanks Jules for this training course.  I'm finally "getting it".  The upper register is so much easier now !"

Dianna T.,  Houston, Texas, Clarinet


"Jules, so far so good. I've been using the exercises and with my oboe playing experienced a reduction in the amount of "brain power" I'm devoting to my fingers.  Also I'd never realised that what I had
perceived as a common physiological - a weak ring finger - was actually due to me using it from the second knuckle rather than from the joint with the hand.  This alone has been a revelation."

Yours, Craig W. from London,  Oboist


"Jules, Just to let you know that even with the challenge  regarding my small finger and after only two weeks of finger practise, I have experienced a marked  improvement in my playing.  Kind regards."
Gustav R., from South Africa, Alto and Tenor Saxophone


"Dear Jules, I want to thank you so very much for making your programs available. 
I had my clarinet out this morning .   What a difference!  

I attempted a few etudes after scales and found them quite playable indeed.

You Madam, are a genius!  I'm very much looking forward to completing your courses. 

You're a Godsend, to beautiful music in every genre."

Gerry M.


Dear Jules,
"I have been using your finger exercises
and have nearly finished Book Two.

After the first day or two of starting
them, I played a very difficult oboe piece that
I had been struggling with for months absolutely perfectly, in terms of finger technique, which 4 years at Music College and hours and hours of scales and etudes never accomplished. 

I couldn't believe it as my fingers felt controlled for the first time ever. I was elated !
Thank you so much for your help!"
Kind regards
Jade O. from U.K. 

"Hi Jules, I am professor in Jazz improvisation at the Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden. My instrument is the alto saxophone and I am always looking for interesting tools to be a better musician and I think your system is one of the best I ever have seen."

Regards, Helge A.


"Dear Jules, I was so interested that I immediately purchased your "Deluxe Edition". I worked for 4 days now on book one. I find it very interesting but sometimes very difficult!  I'm surprised at my technical  (scales and arpeggios) success.

I am a flutist, 54 years, and I teach at the
conservatory in France. I am also a composer and my works are published by Editions Leduc and Editions Notimisso.


Sophie D. from Villeurbanne, France


"Hi Jules, You are absolutely correct- I love your Lessons! I am a (mostly) retired studio musician.

I spent 30 years in Nashville studios. Tons of albums/ TV/ jingles. I play all woodwinds
except bassoon. My love is flute.

I have arthritis, especially in my left hand. It's slowed me down considerably. I suppose that is my biggest challenge.
After 2 days of practicing  your course, I can already see obvious improvement.
I am very excited about your material."
 Regards,  Bill P. from Nashville, Tennessee


"Jules, these finger-tapping exercises have been extremely useful in training my left-hand little finger not to "fly away" from the frets of my classical guitar.  Thanks. "

Louis F. from New Orleans, Classical Guitar


"Since some time ago I have searched for a method that would make it possible to practice when I don´t have my instrument at hand. There is so much wasted time to make use of ! I have just received your lesson # 1 and it seems to me that this is just what I´ve been looking for !

I feel this is the right method for me."

Eric L.


"Because Jules has a strong background in percussion, I bought her course out of curiosity.  Being a drummer myself, I thought I knew everything about coordination techniques.  Her method improved my set playing 10 fold !"

Jason D., Los Angeles, California


"Twenty years in the business and never seen anything like it.  As a doubler, I Really flipped out when I started working through the exercises and saw my fingers landing the keys easily as I go back and forth between sax and flute all night long" 

Tony R., Miami Florida, Jazz Sax/Flute


"I have been wondering how to enhance my playing skill. I've noticed that the improvement of my skill goes very slowly and if I do not play for some time, I return to my average skill again. I can not practise with my busy life for 1-2 hours constantly everyday in order to improve my skill permanently to a higher level.  When I found your offer it looked to me very realistic to spend 15-20 minutes anywhere everyday  to build a solid foundation onto which it will be simple to play music with a noticebly higher level,
It looks to me that your course is a low price to pay." 

Sincerely, Dragan L., from Germany


"In spite of my arthric knuckles and somewhat crooked fingers, in bringing my fingers back to playing shape, I think your course is the iceing on the cake, to give my fingers more strength and independence and enjoying every minute of it."

Regards, George Y., from Nova Scotia, Canada


"Hi Jules, I am a 55 year old clarinet player.  I have noticed that my left hand has a hell of a time keeping beat.  I wasn't sure what to do next until I stumbled across your web site. Isolating the problem without the
clarinet's other challenges spoke to me as the way to go.

After a couple of sessions with your program I am exited by my practice
and feel confident that my dream of playing unimpeded is within my grasp.

Thank you for creating this course, it has come to me a the perfect time --
as all things do.  Cheers,"

Geoff C. from Victoria, Canada, Clarinet


 "I hope business is going well for you.
As a professional musician, I find
your exercises help my fingers feel limber
as well as help with independent movement."

Susan L. M., Bassoonist from Appleton, WI


"Hi Jules,  I want to thank you for providing this course. I've been a professional woodwind player for 60 years- recently retired.

When I think of all the time spent on improving & maintaining technique..... .

The Lessons are unbelievably efficient, effective & virtually "painless"
Thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyou '/., '/.,'/.

I"m looking forward to completing your course."     Regards, 

Bill P.


"Ms. Orosz, I ordered your level one course
and I just wanted to say hi and give you a first impression feedback.  
It's been really interesting to watch "personality flaws"
develop and then pass away in each of my fingers over the last several days. 

What's been most interesting is the challenge of your finger motion style two movement.
I must admit I've found noticeable improvement even in the short time I've been doing your exercises.

Thanks for putting this all together."

Paul M. from Bloomington, Indiana, Piano and Woodwinds