Universal Secrets To Playing Fast and... Musically !
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Is It Even Possible To Train The Fingers
To Perform Complex  Sets of Fingering Patterns
Comfortably...Accurately...at LIGHTNING  Speed
And All ...Without Your Instrument ?

The Answer is YES !

In Just Ten Minutes From Now,
You Could Start Training Your Fingers
To Respond Instantly & Flawlessly
To Your Commands !

There Are Three Critical Styles of Finger Motions
That MUST Be Unlocked and Mastered
When Training To Achieve Flawless Finger Skills !

The Orósz Technique -
"Purely Fingers"

"The Cornerstone of All Finger Technique !

15 Lessons Delivered Via E-mail Over 15 Weeks

200 Targeted Finger Exercises Designed to
Increase Control, Accuracy & Speed !

"How to Bring Your Fingers to Virtuosic Control ( Phase One )
For Total Finger Independence and Synchronicity "


"Hi Jules,  I started playing the oboe and English horn
6 years ago when I turned 65.  I have a lesson every
other week.
One of the biggest challenges for me, has been developing
faster speed.  My teacher tells me that it will come in time
through diligent practicing but she admits I am accelerating
faster since taking your first course. 

Thanks for offering this great resource." Bob. H.

Here is The First Question To Ask Yourself...

Do You Have Difficulty Controlling 
Your Ring and Little Fingers ?

Everyone Does !  They are less dominant than the
index and middle fingers and are THE SOURCE of
most fingering problems on every instrument !


"Hey Jules,
Into day three of your course, Book One,
Your advice "Take your Time", is an understatement,
I couldn't go quicker if I tried. Ha Ha.
On a more serious note the experience is exhilirating.
It makes you think - really makes you visualise your
co-ordination is under the microscope, I just love it !
I picked up my instrument and I could not believe the transformation -
and that's only after three days.
Thanks very much."
Billy J. from Cheshire, United Kingdom


With "Purely Fingers", You Can Easily Strengthen the
Ring and Little Fingers So They Can Finally Perform 
With The Control You WANT

Increase Your Finger Agility Dramatically and Increase
Finger Speed, Accuracy and Control Plus Learn
How To Maintain That Ability Through the Years !

Discover That When You Put
The Electricity Into Your Fingering Skills,
The Music Will Flow Out of You Like a River !

"My Lessons Can Be Printed Out For Your Own Use
So You Can Take Them With You Wherever You Go"! ~ Jules

            Part One - The Easy Beginning First Steps to Finger Control

72 Fingering Concept Patterns in Five Lessons
Employing Hands Alone and Then Together
Using The MagicMusicianFinger's "Mirroring Method"

Part Two - The Difficult Intermediate Next Level to Finger Control

80 Fingering Concept Patterns in Six Lessons
Combining Both Hand's Fingers in a "Contrapuntal" Fashion

Part Three - The Virtuosic Advanced Stage to Total Finger Control

48 Fingering Concept Patterns in Four Lessons
Both hands Together in Very Difficult "Two Part Inventions"

200 Short, Focused, and Progressively Difficult Fingering
Exercises To Be Practiced
Using Three Distinctly Different "Styles" of Finger Motion

Motion Style One - The First Phase Baseline Skill Builder

This Finger Motion Re-trains the Brain and Fingers
So One Finger is Not More Dominant Than The Others.
Strength and Coordination is Also Developed Here.

Motion Style Two - The Second Phase Baseline Skill Builder

This Finger Motion Ingrains the Concept of Minimal
Movement From the Non Playing Fingers.
Total Finger Independence Training.

Motion Style Three - The Final Phase of Total Finger Control and Ability

This Finger Motion is the Final Step For Total
Finger Control, Speed, Accuracy and Lightness of Touch

This Style Emulates Actual Finger Movement on Your Instrument.



"The Orósz Technique" is Absolutely
The Most Well Thought Out Finger Regimen
You Will Ever See or Use !



The Orósz Technique - BOOK ONE - "Purely Fingers"

$  57.50 US Dollars


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                                            START "REALLY" CONTROLLING YOUR FINGERS !