Universal Secrets To Playing Fast and... Musically !
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What's Step One To Mastering Controlled Speed
On Any Instrument ?

          "There is nothing remarkable about it.  All you 
            have to do is touch the right keys at the right 
            time and the instrument will play itself." 
  -- J.S. Bach

OK. Easy for Bach to say !

Scales, Etudes and Music are only Steps 2, 3 and 4 When
Studying Any Fingered Instrument !

Step #1 is Learning Complete Finger Independence
and Control !

Without It, You're Lost and Your Fingers Will Have a
Mind of Their Own and Speed Will NEVER Happen !

Almost all teaching programs have the student
combining note reading skills, playing music and a little about
instrument technique.

The Fact is that this method bogs the mind down with
too many details to coordinate at the same time especially
in the beginning stages.

The Result ?

A myriad of bad habits that form and become ingrained !

So ingrained, in fact, that in many cases it takes years
to UNLEARN those bad habits.

After majoring in Marimba, Clarinet and Flute
during my Schooling Years and Degree Candidacy Programs
I have taught at the College and High School level for 
over thirty years.

Read my startling story of what all this experience
taught me.

What I noticed, more than anything else when it came
to student technique, even at the advanced level,
was the inability to PROPERLY and COMPLETELY
control the required fingerings while playing music.

Although this in itself is not surprising,
the student from performing musically and tension free.

What I also noticed was that practicing Scales and Etudes
only marginally improved the student's technique.

Why, I wondered ?

After all, practicing Scales and Etudes is THE centuries
old time tested method of becoming proficient on any

So one day, as I was struggling with one of my advanced
pieces of music written for Flute, I put my Gold Muramatsu
back in it's case and started working on fingering combinations
with my fingers resting on a table top.

I tried to emulate some of the fingering patterns from the
piece thinking I could spot the problem they presented and
reveal why I couldn't play them perfectly.

Mind you, this piece has some of the most complex
fingerings I have ever come across.

What I began to discover was nothing short of
absolutely remarkable.

After spending time moving my fingers up and down
on the table top in a controlled and specific way, I
picked up my Flute and played a difficult passage
from my piece...



How could it be that after working through a unique
set of finger exercises, I began to advance my 
my technique more than by laboring
through scales, scales and more scales ?

My brain could assemble the fingering patterns
more quickly and more definitively.

Was this a fluke or an epiphany ?

I was determined to find out !

So I set about working on developing a graduated
series of Finger Exercises based on my knowledge of
the complex and various fingering patterns, mostly on
Flute and Clarinet.

The result was 424 individual exercises divided up
between two Books each containing three
completely different ways of practicing
them and falling into 20 degrees of difficulty.

A Completely Graduated Series of Beginner to
Advanced Finger Trainers !

After I put this all together, I took some of them and had
a number of my students practice them instead of
practicing on their instrument for one week.

I couldn't WAIT for the results the following week.

Lesson after lesson, each student came into my studio,
grinning from ear to ear !

I instantly knew that they had practiced my finger
trainers and then tried out their new found skills on
the pieces they were working on at the time.

One by one they played their pieces for me and one
by one proved my trainers actually worked !

They ALL had advanced at least one grade level in
proficiency ! The confidence it created in them was so thick,
you could cut it with a knife !


This can be YOUR STORY TOO !

Whether you are a high school student playing in Band, an amateur musician who plays on the weekend for friends and family or a professional musician ready to take your playing to the next level, my finger trainers are for you !

You can spend time practicing them away from your instrument, watching television, traveling on a plane, sitting in a restaurant waiting for your food, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE !

You WILL easily double or triple your practice time
and easily triple or quadruple your skill level.

Spend longer on each exercise and increase your
technique even further.


It’s all just “Purely Fingers” and "The Internal Clock" !

How much has your technique improved in the last
month or even year ?

Good Luck with your studies and remember that if you need
any questions answered, just send me an e-mail.  I am
dedicated to bringing your technique up to a level you've
always hoped for but somehow couldn't achieve.

I know the reason why.

No one has ever shown you.

Let's change that together !

I look forward to working with you on your
path to success !

~ Jules