Universal Secrets To Playing Fast and... Musically !
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Establish Your Own Musical Fovea Centralis

The Fovea Centralis is the central portion of the
eye retina that has the most acute vision and
the best color perception.

One look and anything can be seen perfectly through
the Fovea Centralis. 

For the musician, the "Task" is much more complex.

The job is to play a musical instrument and well.

This involves comprehension abilities, motor abilities,
cognitive and memory function.  Emotional and intellectual
control and ...equal lack of control.

Information overload can occur easily when learning
to play an instrument and all areas are called upon
at the same time.  Translating the written note to one's
instrument in real time, on multiple levels and moving
fingers in varying arrays of difficulty.

This is where The Orósz Technique comes in.

My idea is to take away the instrument, take away the
written note translation and be left with only the fingers
and what they are supposed to do.

They are supposed to move in simple and complex
combinations, instantly, accurately and at any speed.

So I allow the brain to fully focus on this task and learn it
well so when you finally do go to your instrument to play
music, a very large part of the equation is solved, leaving you
more brain power to devote to the music itself, the performance.

Train only your fingers first and the rest will fall into place more quickly.  Learn the complex fingering patterns first, away
from your instrument, so they are ingrained, permanently.

Then go to your instrument.

It takes years off the learning curve and years from
hum drum practice time that often does not yield

Establish Your Own Musical Fovea Centralis.

Discover the power of my Three Finger Motion Styles.

~ Jules