Universal Secrets To Playing Fast and... Musically !
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We all want to know the secret to get to Concert Artist level.  

The secrets that no one teaches are contained in my
MagicMusicianFingers Courses.

Music is the ultimate form of communication understood by all
living things.

As performers, our goal is to learn our instruments’ technique
so well that it becomes an extension of our body.  Only when this
transference takes place will we truly express ourselves
through music, the real point of performing. 

Very few of us have a natural ability for technique.  I mean the
“effortless” kind that comes with just a little practice. 

Most of us have to practice countless hours while we sometimes
move forward and sometimes remain stagnant.

My method for finger technique is designed to be worked on
separately from the instrument and the results are unlike anything
you will have experienced before. 

My theory behind this is that if you train all ten fingers to have
an equally powerful ability then the brain will have been trained
thoroughly and completely with little chance for relapse into
“lack of control”.

Daily scale work, exercises and etudes are all designed to help
“get you there”.  Woodwind players sometimes use additional
exercises specifically designed for the upper register ( we all
know the difficulty in playing rapid high note passages ) as well
as trill exercises ( who practices trills ?! )

These can all be great and should be incorporated into your
practice regimen but for most of us, are not enough because we
tire ourselves out before we see results.  The other draw back ( if you
are an emotionally sensitive person ) is that you become caught
up in the musical direction of the whole etude ( as you should )
which usually leaves little concentration left for technical self

OK, so maybe musical lines don’t bog you down too much. 

Maybe it’s rhythm that zaps your thinking.

Whatever it is that slows your progress is eliminated with my
method.  First, we must train the fingers, give them strength and
independence.  Each finger must be able to move alone without
disturbing the others and without additional helping movements
from the wrist or arms.

Book One takes you through 3 variations of 200 target specific
exercises over the course of 19 weeks directing concentration on
strength and independence in both the placing and lifting actions of
each finger, the coordination to interact with any finger combination
and finally to do so with speed and accuracy. 

600 short, focused steps to total virtuosic finger control.

How far have you gotten in the last 19 weeks with your technique ?

Book Two takes you through not only my three finger motion
styles but also foot tapping while exploring 16 time signatures
and 14 rhythms.  224 advanced tapping concepts to further
train the fingers and their rhythmical control through split
meter accenting.

Buy Both Books and receive.....

1,272  short and focused concepts that WILL ingrain the skills
required to play any instrument efficiently and virtuosically.

Your success is guaranteed because of two things.

One, the motion specific design of each exercise and Two, the full
concentration you will be able to devote to pure finger motion and
not reading music or focusing on embouchure.

It’s all just “Purely Fingers” and "The Internal Clock" !

Good Luck with your studies and remember that if you need
any questions answered, just send me an e-mail.

~ Jules