Universal Secrets To Playing Fast and... Musically !
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                                            Jules Orósz 

Career Instrumental Teacher, Composer,  Performer,
Founder and Developer of  "The Orósz Technique"


                       2005     Michel DeBost  ( Oberlin Conservatory Faculty ) Master Class
                       2002     William Bennett (International Flute Soloist, Recording Artist, Master Teacher )
                                     Master class
                       1996     Walfrid Kujala ( Principal Flutist Chicago Symphony and Faculty at
                                      Northwestern University ) Master Class
                       1994     Bernard Goldberg ( Principal Flutist Pittsburg Symphony ) Master Class
              1989 - 1993     Donald MacDonald (Professor of Flute Emeritus Crane School of Music )
                                      Private study
                       1992     Emanuel Ax ( Concert Pianist ) Master Class at Tanglewood
                       1990     Peter Lloyd ( Principal Flutist London Symphony ) Master Class Royal
                                      Conservatory Toronto, Canada
                       1988     Julius Baker ( Principal Flutist New York Philharmonic Orchestra and
                                       Faculty at Julliard School of Music ) Master Class
              1986 - 1989     Richard Sherman ( Principal Flutist Rochester Philharmonic and Faculty
                                       Eastman School of Music ) Private study
              1983 - 1986     Independent study
                       1983     Robert Aitken ( Principal Flutist Toronto Symphony and Soloist ) Master Class
              1981 - 1982     John Thomas ( Faculty Eastman School of Music ) Private study
                       1982     Reinhardt Goebel ( Internationally known Baroque Violinist ) Master class
                       1980     Jean Pierre Rampal ( Soloist ) Master Class


               1980 - 1981    Stanley Hasty ( Faculty Eastman School of Music ) Private study
               1977 - 1980    Dr. Stanley Gaulke ( Clarinet Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra ) Private study
                        1977    Michael Webster ( Principal Clarinet Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra)
                                       Master Class

            FLUTE :

                        2006    Featured soloist at the Crane School of Music for the Donald MacDonald
                                      Memorial Scholarship concert
1994 - 2007    Faculty for various Community Music Programs
               1994 - 2007    Recitalist at various Colleges
               2004 - 2006    Principal Flute in Baroque Performing Ensemble
                        2003     Soloist with various String Quartets
               1995 - 1998    Founding Member of area Flute Association
               1986 - 1994    Concert Master and Principal Flute for various Concert Bands
               1990 - 1991    Concert Master and Principal Flute with Music Educator's Wind Bands
               1989 - 1990    Founder of The Albion Woodwind Quintet
               1986 - 1988    Performed in recitals given by the advanced students of Richard Sherman
                                      Eastman School of Music

            CLARINET :
                        1980    Selected to be an honorary performer for the Stanley Hasty 25th Anniversary
                                       National Master Class held at the Eastman School of Music
               1978 - 1980    Brahms Clarinet Trio performed with Lynn Richmond ( principal cellist 
                                        Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra ) Frances Robertson ( Pianist )
                                        Performed various degree candidacy recitals 
               1976 - 1977     Performed in Master Classes of Michael Webster ( Principal Clarinet with
                                               Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra )


               1980 - 1981    Eastman School of Music - Graduate Study Music Performance
               1977 - 1980    Bachelor of Music Performance 
               1975 - 1977    Associate of Music Performance


Hello Fellow Instrumentalist !

Welcome to my web site !

As a career Instrumental teacher of students from age 6 through adult,
High School to College level and beyond, I want to share
with you some of my observations and findings about
improving one's physical skills and technique on almost
any instrument.

Here is a little of my philosophy that led me to develop
"The Orósz Technique" during my over 30 years as a music

My finger training program course is specifically designed to achieve
rapid, accurate and controlled finger technique. 
Not the more common and
impetuous kind that is uneven and irregular with your fingers
flailing all over the place but rather the smooth, professional,
fast fingering that is light in touch, evenly distributed and perfectly
"In Sync".  

I'm after a technique that doesn't have, what I call, "Blurbs".  You
know, those unwanted "in between" notes that occur by accident
when one finger is placed slightly before another finger that is
supposed to place at the same time.  We've all experience them
but most of the time we are much too forgiving of ourselves so
we choose to ignore them thinking that they will go away on their

They Never Do !

We may not notice them after a while but you can bet that the
listener is hearing those annoying extras that don't belong in that
beautiful melody line.

We ALL want to play our scales in 16th notes at MM quarter note = 120
just to be able to perform some of the most beautiful music out there.

After all, the speed has to fit the melody line.

What about inching up the metronome up to 132 or 144 for the
more difficult pieces ?  And what about going even faster to
achieve virtuosic status at MM quarter note = 160 ?

You simply will never do it without knowing "your" finger skills
and problem intervals on your instrument plus a method of
correcting all of the flaws.

MagicMusicianFingers is my answer to creating a method and if
followed diligently, WILL enable you to achieve your goals.

By working on your finger control "Away From Your Instrument",
you will allow your brain to Fully concentrate on the task at hand.

All your brain's thinking goes to fingers and not to note reading plus
rhythm plus articulation plus musical style and of course,
expression and interpretation.

This concentrated effort really moves your technique up Notch
after Notch after Notch !  My method works to burn a strong
pathway from your brain to your fingers, gives the fingers
strength, total independence, lightness of touch and speeds you
never thought you could achieve.

You'll see the results daily as you practice fingers alone for only,
but at least, 20 minutes and then pick up an Etude and sightread
on your instrument.

Here is where you will be blown away !

You no longer will have to think about your fingers.  Now you
will be able to put your full concentration into improving your
sight reading abilities and expressing yourself through your
favorite repertoire.

Your brain and fingers will have fused a strong pathway so that
little or no concentration has to be directed their way.

Total freedom to explore just how good you can perform
is now yours to enjoy !

My method opens the doors, unties the hands ( or better yet,
your fingers ) so that you can shine .

You'll have more fun and get more enjoyment, whether you are
practicing or performing.

Good Luck !


~ Jules